A Doctor for the Nanny

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A season for healing ~ As Little Horn Texas prepares for Thanksgiving, Dr. Tyler Grainger tries to count his blessings.  Returning to his family’s ranch brings bittersweet memories of the sister he lost.  But one thing he can be grateful for is Eva Brooks, who’s just become the nanny for her cousin’s baby.  Tyler is glad to offer advice but when his late sister’s horse is stolen, Eva’s the one who helps him cope.  Tyler’s past heartache urges him to ride off into the sunset—alone.  Yet the holiday season offers hope that the good doctor may have finally found a woman to heal his heart.

Note:  This is Book #2 in the Lone Star Cowboy League Series.  Because it is a series, you will need to read all the books to get the answers to the questions that are raised in each individual book.  The other books in the series are:

  • Book #1:  A Reunion for the Rancher, by Brenda Minton
  • Book #2:  A Doctor for the Nanny, by Leigh Bale
  • Book #3:  A Ranger for the Holidays, by Allie Pleiter
  • Book #4:  A Family for the Soldier, by Carolyne Aarsen
  • Book #5:  A Daddy for Her Triplets, by Deb Kastner
  • Book #6:  A Baby for the Rancher, by Margaret Daley